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Reveal the Radiant Gem Within Your Business

At The Jade Standard, we're more than consultants; we're your partners in uncovering the brilliance within your business. Your business is a gem waiting to shine, and we provide the expert tools and strategies to make it sparkle.

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  • IDX Powered Websites:

  • Custom Marketing Solutions

  • Hyper-Local Presence

  • DISC Profile Alignment

  • Lead Generation Strategies:

  • Real Estate Consulting

Unveil Your Crown of Success

Google My Business Management

Enhance your local ranking and customer engagement with the expertise of our designated page managers, as they ensure your services and products shine brightly. Photo uploads are optimized with precise geotagging for expanded outreach, and curated reports and insights are generated monthly.

Remote Team Productivity

Gain valuable insights into your team's performance, creating a tapestry of strengths and weaknesses. Track your team's time to uncover when they're overwhelmed or underutilized; and receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports adorned with informative screenshots.

Google Analytics

Illuminate your path with data, identifying trends and patterns in how visitors engage with your websites. Google Analytics necessitates installation and configuration, custom filters for easy tracking curation, and conversion tracking for Google, Bing, Google Ads, & Bing Ads.

Monthly webSite Maintenance

Keep your online presence in top condition, regularly scheduled web upkeep and updates. We handle everything from WordPress enhancements to content updates, keeping your site running smoothly and up to date.



Experience a superior hiring process with DISC profiles integrated into our talent acquisition services. Gain insights into candidates' personalities, communication styles, and job compatibility. Our hiring management service ensures that your ad stays at the top of job boards, so it won't get buried by the competition

Team Training

Shine brightly by refining your training and onboarding protocols. Harness the full capabilities of your team through our in-depth and customized training programs. We're committed to improving your team's performance and productivity, equipping them to thrive in today's ever-evolving business landscape.



We specialize in creating tailored, that are as visually stunning and functionally impeccable. Whether you're revitalizing your existing site or seeking a WordPress solution, or curating a fully customized web experience, we're here to turn your dreams into a reality. Trust us to build a powerful online presence that captures attention and converts visitors into dedicated customers.



Supercharge your brand's growth with targeted ads that boost brand awareness and engagement on platforms like Facebook. Our unique ad strategies focus on interest-based targeting, audience testing, and optimization for conversions, leads, & engagement. Receive monthly data reports to track your campaign's performance.

Unlocking the Path to Your Digital Crown

Success is an achievable crown, adorned with the right tools. Our extensive experience, marked by rigorous testing and refinement across various software and programs, serves as your express route to realizing your digital reign

Empower change. Let's build success together!"

Revitalize your business outlook! Illuminate profit paths and identify growth opportunities by decoding your data. Let this year mark the peak of your prosperity journey!

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